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Engagement and interaction between members in a Discord server are key traits for a successful Discord server. Communication engagement is essential for preventing a Discord from becoming inactive and dying out as a result.

If you’ve been finding ways to revive Discord servers you own, you might’ve seen that one of the best ways to do just that is to host events on the server.

Having frequent events going on in your server is one of the best solutions to inactivity. You can also take this even further by hosting them regularly following a schedule.

In this article, we’ll go over different events you can try out in your server to boost engagement between members or if you want to add a little variety with the events you’ve been hosting.

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1. Host a Trivia Night

One of the easiest types of events you can host on your server is a simple trivia night. A trivia party is a simple event that almost anyone can join in the server as it only requires their attendance for them to join.

You can host a trivia night by yourself through slideshow presentations or use third-party websites such asKahoot!

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Furthermore, you can also ask your members or hold a poll for the categories that might come up in trivia.

Additionally, since this is hosted over Discord, you can also add unique categories like guessing which game a sound effect belongs to or following the format of other trivia shows and games like Jeopardy, where answers are said as a question.

2. Start a Watch Party

Most people would enjoy watching and binge-watching a movie together with someone else.

Nothing can beat the feeling of watching movies and tv shows with your friends while making some comments and hearing their reactions.

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Watching a movie or tv show with members in your Discord server is another simple way to engage and interact with one another.

While proper etiquette for watching movies has everyone mute their mics, it is still possible to gauge other members’ comments and reactions through text channels dedicated to the movie.

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Watching movies is a perfect way to spend time and bond with your friends, the same should be true if you were to watch one with your server members.

It is also a perfect event to host if you want to cool down and relax for the week.

Check out our guide on how to stream Crunchyroll on Discord.

3. Host a Giveaway/Raffle

Hosting several giveaways and raffles is the perfect way to get some activity starting in your server.

You can make this an official event on your Discord server by requiring any giveaway participant to do something to participate in the event.

This can be a simple task like inviting more people or interacting with other members of the community.

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The giveaway itself also doesn’t have to be expensive as it can be something simple like free game codes or a subscription to Discord Nitro.

It can also be different in-game cosmetics like skins in popular games like Valorant, CS: GO, LoL, and many other games.

Giveaways are the perfect events you can have to reward your members for being active server members.

4. Photoshop Edit Battle Contests

A more fun event you can try hosting is a photoshop edit contest. Although not everyone on your server might have access to Photoshop, other free alternatives likeGimpmake it possible for anyone to join in the fun.

(Video) How to Fully Setup the ULTIMATE Discord Server!

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Most events like this usually follow a format where an image is posted on the server for everyone to edit and mess around with.

Additional requirements can also be placed, such as a theme to follow and restrictions to level the playing field.

Picture editing is one of the ways you can showcase your member’s creative and funny side, as well as interaction with the server where members can select and discuss which contestant has the best edit.

5. Short Videos Contests

With the rise of platforms like TikTok, they are making videos have become more accessible and easier for the public to make, making this Discord event very doable.

This event is similar to a photoshop contest. Still, instead of pictures, videos will be the focus. 2 formats can be followed by this event: making and posting an original video or editing a pre-existing clip similar to the previous entry.

Whichever format you choose, similar rules and restrictions can be applied to make the contest more interesting and challenging.

Audience interaction is also important with this event as you can gauge how well an entry appeals to your fellow members. Like photoshop battles, this is one way to interact and engage the members in your server.

6. Host an Art Showcase/Gallery

A bit distinctive from the last two entries, you can try to host something like an art gallery in your server through the use of the Stage channel in Discord.

Odds are you might have several talented artists among the members in your Discord server. So this is a perfect event you can host if you have several on your server, as it allows you to showcase your talents to the other members of your server.

This will also help them as you can give them the recognition and praise their art and skills deserve. It will also allow them to receive criticism and comments they can use to improve themselves.

Either way, it is both a win-win for you and the artist.

7. Host a Live Podcast

Another event you can host through the Stage feature is hosting a podcast for your members to enjoy.

(Video) Birthday Gift Event // Rules in Desc,pin comment & discord server // #Mts12thbdaygift

For example, if you have members who enjoy talking with their friends and other people about a specific topic, you can try hosting a podcast for the other members to enjoy.

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A podcast is a more niche event you can try out if you want to share and discuss with other people.

8. Host a Party Game

Having a game night with different games likeGartic Phone,Skribbl.ioand Jackbox is a perfect way to engage with your members.

If you’ve been looking for ways to revive a Discord server, you’ll most likely have played games with your other members as a suggestion.

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Hosting a party game that almost anyone can join and be an audience of is always an icebreaker between members. It makes it easier for them to interact with one another after getting a sense of each other’s character.

You can also host other simple multiplayer games likeTetrisand Among Us, for example.

9. Host Some Friendly Game Competitions

Similar to hosting a party game, having friendly competitions in your server with more competitive game genres like FPSs, MOBAs, and Fighting games are a perfect way to get your members to interact with one another.

That is because your members can form teams from other members on the server or invite more people to participate in the tournament. Either situation works well as it promotes interaction and friendly competition between members.

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You can also have a live broadcast on the server with shout casters and hosts who can hype up the video, similar to other big game tournaments.

This gives your members something to watch, enjoy and comment on as an audience and maybe convince them to join the next event you host.

10. Karaoke and Open Mic Night

Aside from games, karaoke is another good event you can host and serve as an icebreaker in a Discord server.

Having a karaoke and open mic night event in your server are perfect ways to have your members get to know each other and be more comfortable in the server.

(Video) Playing D&D Online with Discord

Karaoke is a simple thing you can have in your server for your members to spend the night. Not everyone has to be good at singing as the important thing is to have fun as you get to know each other.

Open Mics are also similar as they allow your talented members in singing and music to showcase their talents to other members.

Consider having this event on your server if you want your members to change pace with your regular events.

11. Have a Talent Show

You might’ve seen several videos of people hosting a talent show in Discord and with good results.

So why not try hosting one yourself, as it can not only boost your server’s activity but can make for a fun event everyone can enjoy.

A good example of a Discord talent show event can be something like this video. While you don’t strictly have to follow his format, a talent show can be other talents such as beatboxing, voice acting or even improv comedy.

Hosting a talent show even in Discord isn’t complicated but will require a lot of time.

However, you will be rewarded with something unique and fun for everyone to enjoy if you happen to put in the work to make this event a reality.

It also allows your members to know more of each other as they can each show their small talents through this event. It can also encourage them to continue improving their talents

A unique event you can have on your server is hosting a workshop your members can attend.

The workshop itself doesn’t have to be anything complicated as you can teach them simple things like photo and video editing for the next competition or even more educational content like basic programming and coding.

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Whichever workshop you’ll be giving out, the important thing is that everyone who participates in the workshop will have fun while also learning something new.

(Video) I went undercover as a Musty fan & challenged my viewers to 1v1 me (Rocket League)

You can also collaborate with other members in your server who are talented in something and are also willing to share their talents.

Having occasional workshops on your server will allow it to grow as more and more people might join the server to have a chance to join in the workshop.

This allows for natural growth and activity in your server, preventing it from going inactive anytime soon.

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